Month: March 2020

Fileting Catfish


By Holt Collier

A lot of folks don’t like catfish because it tastes “too fishy” or “like mud”. The reason is many folks just don’t know how to properly prepare the meat. The source of this undesirable flavor is the red tissue that is attached to the meat. If you remove this, it makes a night and day difference and makes catfish of all sizes enjoyable table fare. To remove this, the first thing you do after dressing your fish is to soak the filets overnight in water in the refrigerator or in ice water in a cooler or something. This is very important as it swells and firms the meat so it’s much easier to work with and trim. You then get a sharp filet knife and a cutting board and begin trimming as illustrated below. Once you’ve done that, it’s a good idea to cut the thicker filets into thinner pieces, that way they fry up crispier. The end result is also pictured below: