Lamiglas Rods And Nostalgia

I am a very sentimental and nostalgic person and tend to promote things that bring that out in me. I recently added some Lamiglas rods to our website for this reason. I have a rod stored and ready to go in my shed that is older than any of my kids. As a matter of fact it is nearly older than ME. It is a 5’6″ solid fiberglass Lamiglas rod that my parents bought when I was just a kid.

It has been thru a lot in the past 50-60 years. Fishing on the Buffalo River, near the dam, on a cool foggy autumn morning. Walking the streams and the banks of Bill Shoals Lake during a summer when it was still considered safe to drink water straight from a stream. Bass Fishing on DeGray Lake, Lake Hamilton, and Lake Ouachita. Crappie fishing from a boat with jigs (I remember Mom using a bright purple one, it worked) and eating crackers, cheese and bologna on Lake Nimrod. Bass and catfishing on top of Petit Jean Mountain at both small lakes up there. Catfishing at the bottom of Petit Jean on the Arkansas River with the kinfolk and having wonderful fish fries and card games afterwards.  And of course fishing on Papagofur’s Pond.

I reckon that rod has been on every piece of water within a 100 mile radius of here. It is an essential part of my memories from the past to the present. The threads and some of the eyes may have been replaced and the cork of the handle is slowly crumbling away but it is still just as good a rod as ever. That’s why I have a soft spot in my heart for Lamiglas rods and recommend them.

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