Catfishing In South Arkansas

November 6th, 2019

I had a fun day today. It was also a broke day. My sister-in-law woke me at 7 am to go fishing with her husband Luther. Around 8:30 I finally rolled out of bed, snagged some coffee and 2 cheese sandwiches and off we went. We started setting up for a day of catfishing and that’s when it started. First I broke his rod holder trying to put it in the ground. Next I sat down in the folding chair I had borrowed from him and went right thru the webbing to the ground, feet stuck up in the air and laughing like a loon. Then a little later I jerked back on my rod and it felt like I had a big one on the line, but it turned out to be what we call a ” wood bass”, a piece of brush. It gave me a real fight cause IT was hung up on a piece of line that I had lost YESTERDAY. I did get my hook and worm back. We were fishing with night crawlers/ cold worms down on the bottom DEEP. I was using a catfish rod with an open face reel and 17lb test line. About 1pm I put on the last worm we had and said that I had better make this one count. A couple of minutes later I got a bite , reared back and the fight was on. No “wood bass” this time. I was pulling and reeling and fighting like those guys you see on the seafishing shows. I had to get up out of my (new) chair and follow it up and down the bank, kicked over my Coke, liked to have run over the chair that I had already broken and finally got it up to the surface where we could look at it. A great big catfish, the biggest that I have ever caught. There he was at the bottom of a 12 foot high, almost straight up and down bank. Hooboy was I excited and a little tired. I still needed to get him up that bank. I’d pull him up a little ways and get hung behind a root or an out jutting piece of clay and have to start over. Finally I got him pulled over to a sandy area where I might could get him up. I couldn’t use the rod and reel because the line kept stripping off the reel and the rod was bending so much that I was afraid IT might break. I tried a couple of times to pull it up by the line but couldn’t get a good grasp. Luther came over and took the rod to give me some extra help and I pulled as hard as I could. I got that big ole catfish about half way up AND THE LINE BROKE! 17lb test line broke under the weight of that thing. There it lay on that little piece of sand and us with no way to get it. I started tying on another hook thinking I could snag it and Luther was making a contraption with rope to do the same thing. The fish was just laying there, all tuckered out. Just when I was ready to go snag it, the cotton picker jumped and flipped and swam off. Arrrgh! Aggravated Luther so much he started packing up to go home. Didn’t even finish using the worm on his pole. I wanted to go get some more worms and come right back. That fight had just revved me up. That’s when we found the last broke part of the day. Neither one of us had any money left to buy the worms. We were both BROKE! We ended up with 7 catfish, 3 drums, and one HECK of a memory.

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