2-Person Green Inflatable Boat With Oars, Air Pump, & Rope


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Color: Green

Material: Environmental protection Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)


Name: 190x120cm Rubber boat

Model: 664045

PVC thickness: 0.45mm

Maximum load capacity: 130-150 (kg)

Weight: about 3.5kg

Size: double about 190×120 centimeters (cm) (inner size: about110x60cm)


Name: 150x90cm Rubber boat

Model: 664041

PVC thickness: 0.4mm

Weight: about 2.5kg

Maximum load capacity: 75-100 (kg)

Size: double about 150×90 centimeters (cm) (inner size: 90x50cm)



Cold and heat resistant.

Inflatable bar bottom is particularly thick and more secure.



1. Inflate immediately after receiving the product. After 8 hours (preferably 12 hours) can be used, because the inflatable product’s seams need a buffer process. New products wait two days before using, try not to inflate to excess.

2. Best practice; Inflate and wait 24 hours, there.will be some relaxation, this is a normal phenomenon. Because the material of the air chamber is slightly elastic, after filling with gas there will be some swelling, it will feel soft and relaxed. As long as it is  inflated again you will achieve the desired effect on the product, but do not inflate to excess.

3. High summer temperatures can increase the pressure within the inflatable product, do not inflate to excess, pay attention to proper deflation. Otherwise the inflatable product will be overloaded and broken, making the product unusable, this situation can not be repaired.

4. In winter, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large. Do not inflate immediately after receiving the product. Try to place the inflatable product indoors for a while, waiting for the material to soften before it can be inflated to prevent the material from hardening due to low temperatures, accidental damage will occur.

5. Any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally lose pressure over time, this is a normal phenomenon, inspect regularly.

6. Shipped with a repair material, to fix such problems as an accidental puncture.so that you may repair it yourself.

7.It can be easily washed with a sticky wet soapy cloth. Do not use hair dryer, washing machine, do not use chemicals, detergent or any other abrasive powder.


Package Includes

1 x Rubber boat

1 x pair of plastic oars

1 x lifesaving rope

1 x foot air pump

1 x Patch repair

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery





Additional information


150cmx90cm, 190cmx120cm

Hull Material


Outdoor Activity


Model Number


Brand Name



About 3.5kg

Maximum Load Capacity

130-150 kg


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